Apple planning to reverse the Chinese iPhone ban with a software update

A few days ago a court injunction in China banned some of older iPhones from being sold in China and Apple now says that it has found a solution to that.

In a statement to Reuters, Apple said that it would be releasing a software update early next week. The company believes that this software update will address the “the minor functionality of the two patents at issue in the case.”

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The older iPhones which are banned from being sold in China include iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and X. If the court finds the update to be appealing and agrees then it will mean that Apple will be able to continue the sale of affected iPhones and ban will be uplifted.

The ban was due to the fact that Apple was found to be infringing upon two of Qualcomm’s patents in China. These patents are related to managing applications and resizing pictures.

As the ban was announced, Apple claimed that the most recent version of their iOS, iOS 12 does not infringe on these patents. If these claims are true, then issuing an update to the latest version of iOS can be more than enough to reverse this decision as Apple wouldn’t be then infringing those patents from Qualcomm.

Apple has already filed a reconsideration request on this ban in China.

The battle between Apple and Qualcomm just keeps on going and it is unlikely that this dispute would be ended anytime soon. As both companies are going at each other.

Qualcomm recently requested a further injunction in China to even ban the sales of the iPhone XS and XR which are running on the iOS 12 that according to Apple doesn’t infringe the patents from Qualcomm.

It is unlikely that Qualcomm will be satisfied with a mere software update, but it is up to the Chinese court to decide.

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