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Apple Music coming to Amazon Echo devices

Amazon’s Echo devices already support a couple of famous music services such as Spotify, Pandora, and not to mention Amazon’s own, Amazon Music and now Apple Music will soon join this unit of Music services starting from December 17th.

Once Apple Music is available, users will be able to ask Alexa to play their favorite songs and albums as well as any playlists selected by Apple Music and Radio Station.

Apple Music
[Source: Apple]
Amazon Echo owners will have to enable Apple Music from the Alexa app and then link their Apple Music account with their Echo device and they will be good to go.

The availability of Apple Music on Echo devices might be beneficial for both the companies, Amazon and Apple. For Apple, they will be happy to see their music streaming service available on the most popular home speaker platform and for Amazon, it would result in more users being attracted towards their home speakers due to the availability of a major music service.

Lately, the relations between Apple and Amazon have been going well. Last month, Apple and Amazon agreed on a deal to sell iPhone, iPads, and other Apple products on their websites.

This announcement was made by Amazon in a blog post in which Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Amazon Devices said that:

“Music is one of the most popular features on Alexa—since we launched Alexa four years ago, customers are listening to more music in their homes than ever before.

We are committed to offering great music providers to our customers and since launching the Music Skill API to developers just last month, we’ve expanded the music selection on Alexa to include even more top-tier services.”

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