Apple Is Working On a New Feature And Maybe We Can See It In The Upcoming iPhone Series

Apple will launch its new series that is iPhone 12 soon and the phone is rumoured to get a lot of new features. Apple is working on a new feature and we can maybe see that feature in the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Apple is working on an Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor as per the rumours and people are guessing that Apple can launch the iPhone 12 series with Under-Display Fingerprint Sensor. There is no confirmation and these are only rumours but if Apple is working on this feature then we can probably see it in the upcoming iPhone series.

Almost every brand has switched to Fingerprint Sensors that are inside the display and it’s time for Apple to do that. As we all know that the new devices of Apple have Face Unlock feature that is very safe. iPhones from Apple lack the fingerprint sensor and many users even miss that feature. We can’t unlock our phone with Face ID every time and that is why Apple should have given a Touch ID feature to its latest devices but Apple didn’t. The company is sticking with their notch from a very long time and it is likely to see the notch in the upcoming series of Apple too.

Apple makes their devices so secure and safe but users are hoping to see Touch ID in the iPhone 12 series. Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series later this year but iPhone 12 series will be a blast for sure. The upcoming iPhones from Apple will take over the market like fire as always.

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