Apple’s new iMac Pro will be available on Sale from 14th December

Apple’s most powerful and beefy mac is about to go on sale in a couple of day’s, that’s on December 14th this year. The iMac Pro starts at an astounding price of  $4999 which only gets you the base variant, which is decent enough. However, the super-specced 10 Core iMac Pro can easily super pass the 5k mark, and there’s also a stupidly ridiculous 18 Core(42MB cache) clocked at 4.5GHz(Turbo Boost) variant, within which you should be able to buy a car easily.

The latest iteration of the iMac Pro base option is powered by a monstrous 8 Core Intel Core Xenon(20MB cache), which is paired with 32 Gigs of RAM that runs on 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory chip. The memory can be maxed out at a jaw-dropping 128GB. Video editing at 4K resolution and rendering 3D models, particle simulation as well as motion graphics/VFX in after effects will be a breeze on this beast.

iMac Pro
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On the graphics card side, we have AMD taking care of all the pixels here, with it’s Radeon Pro Vega, running at 11tera-flops and has 8GB or 16GB vRAM HBM2. Storage is also huge here with a 4TB SSD support. However, the overall top spec configuration of all these unbelievable specs will surely set you back more than half a grand.

Moreover, the display is same 5K retina panel, with improved brightness and highly accurate colors, which very vital for the audience it’s been targeted for. Things on the thermal side are also improved and now will dissipate heat more efficiently while being quite when doing so.


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