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Apple Getting Closer To Photography On iPhone 11

Apple sure has made a lot of great smartphones with great cameras that produce good pictures. Even in the last iPhone series, Apple had one of the best cameras among smartphones. After all the development and upgrades in the smartphone camera, Apple is still away from the Pro Cameras. Now seems like Apple is filling the gap with accessories that will allow iPhones to give better pictures. Extra accessories are always needed for shooting pictures and lighting is an important part of picture shooting. With new accessories, Apple is getting closer to Pro Cameras in sense of performance.

As per reports Apple is working on accessories that can be connected to the iPhone with its lighting connector. This attached accessory will let your iPhone 11 get an external flash that will syncs to the device. The external Flash support is currently under work and is accessible to the Made For iPhone program. This only works for iPhone 11 series so far and later might work on other devices too. External flash not only gives light while working as a light source it also gives you a completely different effect in pictures. This effect changes the quality of the picture and is an important part of photography.

Another thing about this external accessory is that it is available for both iOS and Android device but the devices don’t support them. To use these accessories you need to use third-party camera apps that are not as good as the stock camera app. The picture quality of third-party camera apps is never the same in quality as the stock camera app. This is because these apps cant use the full potential of camera hardware on the phone. Support for external accessories in the iPhone 11 will allow better pictures than ever.


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