Apple filed a patent for bendable devices

If you are familiar with the tech industry, you must know about the fact that Samsung is currently developing and planning on launching a flexible Galaxy phone in distant future. Perhaps they might release it in the first half of 2019.

Recently Apple has filed for a patent that is going to allow them to make their devices bent without being damaged.

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
According to the news reports, the United States Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that generally relates to coatings with flake pigments that is needed to protect the display of devices that are capable of bending in half without damage.

This is going to allow Apple to make the foldable phone just like Samsung showed in November known as Infinity Flex Display, which folds out like a book transforming the 4.5in smartphone into a 7.3in tablet.

The patent application was filed in March by and just disclosed by the Trademark Office, but it doesn’t specify anything to when Apple is going to release such product.

This is just one of the many bendable technologies being patented by Apple and such patents are usually made long before the product is released to protect from its rivals.

As for whether and when we will be seeing this tech it’s not known. This is just a reminder that patented technology means that a company is currently looking in a certain area, however, it’s no proof that said the company will ever consider this technology good enough to sell.

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