Another security bug has forced Google to shut down Google+ in April

Google is going to close down its social network Google Plus sooner than the expected cause of a new security issue that has affected 52.5 million users.

Google Plus received the first nail in its coffin at the start of October, when it was announced by the company that a security bug had exposed the account information of 500,000 users, including their names, email addresses, and occupations.

[Source: SkyNews]
At that time, it was said by Google that they are going to shut down the social network by August 2019.

Google+ will now be shut down for the users in April, rather than August. Also, API access to the network will shut down within the next 90 days.

As revealed by the Google, this new security bug has affected nearly 52.5 million users, which could result in their profile information like their name, email address, occupation, and age exposed to developers, even if their account was set to private.

This bug was found by Google as part of its standard testing procedure and says that:

“We have always taken this seriously, and we continue to invest in our privacy programs to refine internal privacy review processes, create powerful data controls, and engage with users, researchers, and policymakers to get their feedback and improve our programs. No evidence that the app developers that inadvertently had this access for six days were aware of it or misused.”

Google also said that they started notifying the users and enterprise customers who were affected by this bug.

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