Android Q will let two apps run simultaneously without pausing

From November 7-9Google Dev Summit 2018 was held in California. Lots of developers talked about a lot of changes which will be found in the upcoming Android Q.

One big feature that will be added is Multi-Resume support for applications. Android developers are given the tools required through which they can integrate this feature in Android 9.0 Pie apps as well but, it will be a must in Android Q.

[Source: Digital Trends]
Running two or more apps together on an Android smartphone is nothing new. It’s been found in Android since the launch of Android N (Nougat). It allows users to run two simultaneous apps side-by-side.

But this feature was very limited because the system would have to pause one app while the other is in use. But, Android Q is soon going to change it with its latest Multi-Resume feature.

The multi-resume feature will now make it possible to open multiple apps at one time and be running at the same time. Google is now allowing the developers to keep the apps resumed/active when in multi-window.

This amazing feature is going to be much like the traditional desktop working environment. This feature might not be that much productive on small screen smartphones but, will surely boost productivity on a big screen tablet.

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