Android Is Soon Going to Allow You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them

There are several reports coming out that Google is going to introduce a new feature that is going to let the users continue using Android apps while they’re being updated.

This feature is still being tested according to Google and this feature is a part of Android’s In-Apps update API.

[Source: Google]
Stephanie Cuthbertson, Android’s Director of Product Management, said that :

You’ll have two options with this API, the first is a full-screen experience for critical updates when you expect the user to wait for the update to be applied immediately. The second option is a flexible update, which means the user can keep using the app while the update is downloaded. You can completely customize the update flow so it feels like part of your app.

This feature is mainly meant to essentially push users into updating their apps because there are so many users who won’t update the apps because of their laziness but this step might encourage them to update as it won’t require much of an effort.

It’s a win for users who don’t want to be bothered with the nuisance of updating as well as a win for developers, who want you using the latest version of their app.

There was no exact date given that when will it be available for developers, but Android’s Director of Produce Management did say that it will available soon.

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