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Android Go devices worth $30 to be manufactured by Micromax and other Indian OEMs

Remember Google’s Android One program? Which used to be its entry-level lineup, now turned into mid-range and upper mid-range devices, with the launch of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and the Moto X4 as well as the HTC ocean life. Well, that responsibility of providing entry-level budget devices will be taken by Google’s new Android Go program. And with new reports coming in, suggests that Indian manufacturers such as Micromax, Xolo, Lava, and Karbon are again in for the Android Go project. This further confirms that the previous leaks about Nokia jumping in with its Nokia 1 also holds true.

Android Go devices will happen and will replace the Android One devices, which are further replacing the Nexus devices. Moreover, the pricing for these Android Go devices manufactured by these small OEMs is said to be very cheap. Starting around $50 and might go as low as $30, which translates into just ₹.2000 INR to ₹.3500 INR.

Android go
Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

Indian OEM Micromax will be at the forefront and first in line to release the first device, that’ll ship with Android Oreo Go pre-installed out of the box. Specs wise, don’t expect anything mind-blowing but rather all the essentials will be present, such as Camera on the front and rear with LED flash as well as dual sims and sd-card slots.

It is also being said that these Android Go devices will support 4G LTE out of the box, and with the increasing consumption of 4G in the Indian markets, seems like Google is looking to cash into this opportunity. To hand in its affordable 4G Android Go devices into the hands of the next billion users, who will be choosing devices ranging from $100 to $150.


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