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Android devices getting affected by unremovable malware

Smartphones getting attacked by malware and viruses is not something new or surprising but it is still troublesome. Widely used android is open source and so it becomes vulnerable to malware from time to time. Usually, the malware is only a threat as long as they are not detected but this one right here is said to be unremovable. This malware that we are mentioning here is said to be quite troublesome as it can’t be removed with even the factory reset. It is a malware that is stealthy to get in and remains in your device even after you detect it.

The malware is Xhelper Android Trojan and it comes in your device and stays on it. There are multiple methods that you can try to get rid of this. Most of the methods are useless on this thing and the fact that might still be there is scary. It is not just dangerous by itself but it also adds malware to your phone installing them by itself. Once you detect it you can try uninstalling it to remove it for good but this is one crazy malware that reinstalls itself. It will come back even if you remove it from your phone thinking it’s gone.

Some might think how can you remove such a thing but the truth is you can’t and that’s why it’s called unremovable. The malware doesn’t go away and it also allows more unwanted apps to get installed without you knowing. It stays on your phone running in the background as service consuming ram and battery degrading the performance. One way of staying safe from such malware is by not downloading and installing third-party apps. No malware can get in your phone by itself and it’s always you being vulnerable to them while using the internet.

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