Android Auto finally reaches 10 Million downloads mark on Play Store

Google has been trying to make the Android platform as wide as possible with Android Wear and Android Auto-targeted for separate segments. Although these apps from Google are profoundly embedded in the ecosystem, still it took a long time for these apps to reach a milestone.

A few days back the Android Wear App on Play store reached a downloads mark of 10 million, and now same happened with the Android Auto. The Android Auto app is available since March 2015, and to a long time span,  to reach this milestone.

Although Android Wear requires additional fees for buying the Android wear compatible device to work with it reached the 10 million mark earlier than the Android Auto which is a stand-alone app.The Android Auto app although was Geo-restricted hence it took some time for the milestone.

The Android Auto app completed the 6 Million mark somewhere in June 2017, and it doubled up the target in December 2017, but it is all up due to the number of new cars which are selling every day and every car coming up with Android Auto compatible infotainment system.

The speed with which these platforms from Google are growing is quite good. With Google trying to step into the Autonomous driving the app will surely be helping them to collect more data on to the same. Earlier in the year, we got many different applications which were compatible with Android Auto and extended the functionality of the Mobile phone.

One of the major thing which most of the people doesn’t know about the Android Auto app was about its stand-alone functionality, which is the downside as the people who need the application think that it will not be compatible or work without an Android Auto system hence they don’t download the Application. Google must promote the application to use it as a standalone app also so there will be more and more users of the App.

What do you think about Android Auto app and do you use the application while you commute even on your two-wheeler or a non-Android Auto compatible device? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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