Android 9 Security Update being rolled out to Pixel users

On Tuesday, Patch notes were posted by Google for the latest Android security update for December, which is released for all the Android devices having Android 9 Pie.

These monthly updates normally fix potential vulnerabilities for devices running Android 9, but this month’s update has specific patches for Pixel phones in addition to the normal security updates.

[Source: CNet]
These patches are going to improve camera performance, fixes for screen flickering bugs and apps closing suddenly while running in the background, and several others.

The majority of these patches are for the latest Pixel 3, some of the patches are for previous Pixel models as well.

Here are the changes included in Android 9 Pie Security Update for December:

  • Improved memory performance in certain situations for all Pixel 2, 2XL, 3 and 3XL phones, is going to improve the RAM management on these phones specifically to prevent unwanted app closures.
  • Getting rid of screen flickers that are generally experienced by Pixel 3 users ambient lock screen, which Google refers to as “Improved Always On Display triggering.”
  • Google has also improved camera capture performance for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 3, which is also part of the RAM management fix.
  • Google has improved the volume behavior when you connect to a Bluetooth device. It is going to be for all the Pixel devices.
  • It is going to improve the Android Auto features, which is going to expand and upgrade the compatibility for Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 devices, as well as making overall improvements to Pixel 3 audio performance for some vehicles.

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