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Android 11 Might Remove The Video Recording Restriction

The most common and popular of the smartphones is the android that has been around for a long time now. Android system lets you have the most features and is popular and leading for the same reason. The many features of android also become disappointing at times. One such feature that get disappointing for you are video recording on your android phone. Usually, you want to make a complete video when you start recording but Android restricts it after a certain size. A video recording can’t be bigger than 4Gb in size on android devices. And this restriction might change in the new upcoming android 11 in 2020.

The restriction makes it hard to be satisfied with the video recording on android devices. This restriction was put by Google in 2014 and hasn’t changed after that. In 2019 Most of the smartphones have better cameras and camera sensors that take videos of more resolution. The restriction was put on when the Nexus 5 device with 32 Gb storage was around. Now the storage capacity of android devices has increased very much and goes up to 1TB. The size restriction is no longer needed and is only a bother to everyone now as videos get cut after 4Gb size is reached.

In 2019 Android devices support 4k recording and the size of videos increases very fast. 4GB size video of 4k resolution will be annoying to you as it won’t be the complete one recording you were capturing. In 2020 companies are ready for 8k video recording and this 4Gb limit will restrict video recording very much. Android 11 is coming in 2020 and some of you might really want to access the unrestricted video recording with it. The beta of the new Android version might be out in around March of next year.


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