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Android 11 May Feature Dark Mode Scheduling

This was the year when the Android version finally featured dark mode in it and it was in Android 10. The dark mode got popular and a lot of apps now also support dark mode making it more of a feature. The dark mode gives a cool interface to use and also seems to be saving battery to some extent. Everything about dark mode seems good except it doesn’t have a scheduling feature yet and you just have to manually do it. Dark mode scheduling was shown for a while in the early beta stage of android 10 but was taken away later.

Now reports are that the dark mode scheduling might be a feature on next android say Android 11. You can probably understand how handy the feature will be and how much we need it even now. While the dark mode scheduling is not around right now you might be able to schedule when dark mode gets enabled in android 11. The dark mode is widely used and most of the leading apps support it smoothly on android 10. The scheduling feature was removed from android 10 due to the misbehaving apps when using the dark mode.

In Android 10 apps would crash or restart while they are getting used and this was an issue. Another issue happened to be that for scheduling the apps accessed location of the device. This location access is needed to check for the sunrise and sunset time of the location device is at. In Android 11 The dark mode scheduling should probably not cause any problem. The news is not confirmed and it is not clear either when the feature might come. For Dark mode fans, it is good news that lets you control dark mode without enabling it manually.

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