AMD Launches New Graphics Cards

AMD has launched its new line of graphic cards to complete with the Nvidia graphic cards launched earlier this month and surprisingly it has dominated every category. AMD has announced their new line of flagship graphic cards AMD 6800, AMD 6800XT and RX 6900XT which compares with Nvidia’s RTX 3070, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 respectively. Nobody expected AMD media to dominate this graphic card market as they did to everybody’s surprise.

All the graphic cards are comparable or faster than their competitors from NVIDIA. All the new graphic cards are built on the 7NM architecture that AMD has perfected over the years in their rise and series processes and now they have brought their best at a reasonable price. AMD has been a fan favourite since defeating Intel and lowering the price of mid level gaming processes and all the gamers are now rooting for AMD to win. The graphic cards from AMD lineup have 16GB DDR6 memory which is incredibly fast and can reduce the loading time of games by a significant margin.

All this is good news for every PC enthusiastic and gamer who is trying to buy the best performance graphic cards for the least amount of money as more competition only drives the price lower and consumers can now get their hands on flagship level graphic cards and incredible performance per dollar, all thanks to AMD. The new lineup of graphic cards from AMD is also more power efficient than Nvidia and draws less power to deliver comparable or more performance from their competitors. All the new graphic cards will be available from November 19th and December 8 respectively.

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