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Amazon’s Echo Gets A Feature Google Home Lacks

The electronics have been smart for some years now and there are many options for everyone in market. Most of the huge companies are making smart devices including Google, Amazon, etc. Both Google and Amazon are in competition with each other for their smart home speakers. The Google Home as well as the Amazon Echo both are leading smart speakers. These two are very popular and have almost all the features including voice command and personal assistant. Now Amazon Echo has got some new features and it is said that now the Echo has the upper hand against Google Home.

It is the Echo Show 5 and Echo Show 8 smart devices that have got new updates and features allowing them to do even more. The Alexa Enabled devices are getting this new feature that allows scanning barcodes. Alexa is the digital personal assistant available in the Amazon smart devices while Google has Google assistant for all the personal assistants on any electronics. Now Alexa enabled Echo devices support the feature of scanning barcodes and adding things to the shopping list. This is a new feature and even Google doesn’t provide it falling behind a bit due to this feature.

As handy as this feature seem you can use voice command to make Alexa do it just like other things that you get done. By using the command ‘Alexa scan this to my shopping list’ you can simply get the Echo to add things in your shopping list. Scanning is all that needs to be done for adding the things making thins easier. Sometimes it is like you get stuck and things don’t work as they should so you can also ask Alexa to simply add a thing or product to your shopping list.

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