Amazon working on a YouTube like service called AmazonTube and OpenTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms to watch videos online, and now even they offer a small app called YouTube Go which measures at just 7MB’s and offer downloading options as well. Now some information is there which tells us that soon YouTube will face competition in the coming times as the recent report says that Amazon is cooking something special in its kitchen named as the AmazonTube, so let’s check out more about it.

Image showing the Amazon logo.
Image courtesy: kbci .org

The recent information suggests that Amazon has filed a new trademark request to the United States Patent and Trademark Office regarding their upcoming service known as the AmazonTube, along with that they have also filed a request for a different service known as the OpenTube, at present we are not sure hat what this service is associated with.Recently Google has announced that they will be removing their apps from the Amazon Echo and Fire TV, just after that this new information was revealed.

When it comes to the description of the app, in the filing Amazon describes that these apps are the platform through which one can watch, share, send, receive, upload, stream and broadcast the images, videos, and audio files. Amazon is superior when it comes to there existing services like Amazon Prime, etc. nothing has been officially revealed by the brand itself though we are expecting some cool stuff from them.

These types of apps are very popular, and currently, YouTube is leading the market, we are not yet sure that what other features will this upcoming AmazonTube offers but we believe that it will be similar to the YouTube creators and users will be able to access it but by gaining a paid subscription.

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