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Amazon listing leaks new streaming device by Nvidia

Nvidia is working on its new shield TV streaming device and out of nowhere Amazon decided to put it on listing. Before any new gadget or device gets released there are tons of unclear leaks on them. New Nvidia Shield TV streaming device just got a very much described leak when it went listed online. It happened so that the device was listed online very well on Amazon for some time before it got removed from there. There was a pretty clear picture of what the product looks like giving away the appearance along with some feature sneak peek.

streaming device by Nvidia

While listed on Amazon the Nvidia Shield TV hardware appearance and the remote control with it. Other than that there was listing price and specifications on it’s ram along with the inside hardware. As per the info shared on twitter, the listing price of Nvidia shield TV costs around $199.99 and this isn’t the actual price but it is collected data from listing. Specs of this device include 3 GB RAM, two USB ports, along with Nvidia Tegra X1+ chip and the 16 GB of internal storage. More to this collected data release date of this device according to Amazon’s listing was 28 October.

This listing and data collected from this accidental listing look assuring but there are no words how reliable it is. The data still looks fine like it should be in this device that needs better processor and tech that supports better HD quality. It also comes with Google Assistant support on it and will also work with Alexa free hands. This is a new thing we have here getting ready to come to market with some serious leaks.

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