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Alleged Vivo X30 handset Leaked, May house an iPhone X like Notch

A few months back Apple has announced its anticipated iPhone X, but due to some software issues, the performance of the device is not as expected which is also affecting its sales. At the time of launch, many Tech platforms have condemned the notch present on the front panel of the device. But even after that many brands have followed the same implementation and some examples are the Essential phone, Sharp Aquos S2, etc. and now it looks like Vivo is cooking something similar in their kitchen.

Vivo X30
The image is showing front panel of the upcoming Vivo X30.
Image courtesy: twitter .com

Recently a new image of a smartphone is leaked which is said to be the forthcoming Vivo X30, the images are revealed on a social website called Twitter. At first glance one can notice the front panel of the handset which is showing a Bezel-Less 18:9 ratio design and a small notch on the top, it doesn’t look identical to the one found on iPhone X, but still, the technology working behind is very similar. The notch will house basic components including the earpiece, sensors and a front facing Camera sensor.

Vivo X30
The image is showing the upcoming Vivo X30.
Image courtesy: twitter .com

The confusing factor is that the images are showing the smartphone’s front view and surprisingly there is no sign of Vivo branding there, it may be present in the rear, but from the front view, no one can confirm that to which brand this device belongs to. Recently Vivo has been crowned as the first brand to introduce In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner, and the rumors suggest that the upcoming X30 will not incorporate that specific tech and Vivo will retain this weapon for the bigger X30 Plus. No details are there about the launch, for more detailed facts and figures we have to wait for the further leaks.

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