All New PS5 DualSense Controller

If you are a fan of console gaming and like a nice feeling controller that provides you feedback while you are playing a game then you will absolutely love the new ps5 controller. A new controller from PlayStation 5 is gathering applause for all the incredible new tech it keeps inside. The new ps5 controller comes with an inbuilt battery of 1,560 mAh that can be charged via the USB type c connector provided on the controller.

The controller also has haptic feedback instead of its primary vibration motor that will provide the viewers with a more immersive experience. Haptic feedback motor is much more precise and can deliver a wide range of moments and feedback to the user. If you remember switching from a smartphone that had a vibration motor to a phone with haptic feedback then you will know the difference it makes when you will have haptic feedback inside your dual sense controller. That self controller also has triggers that can vary in the amount of resistance that they offer according to the game and what’s happening on the screen to give you a more immersive experience and get you in the game.

This can have a wide range of uses such as when your gun gets jammed inside the game then this feature will increase the resistance in the triggers so you will have to pull the trigger with more force giving you a feel that no other controller currently does. This is done by a motor inside the controller which regulates the resistance offered by the triggers on the end of the controller and they can vary in resistance according to the game. The controller has been called mind blowing and game-changer by many rivers on YouTube that have received an early access PlayStation 5 console.

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