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AirPods 3: Things You Need To Know About Them

People are waiting for Apple to launch AirPods 3 with a design like AirPods Pro. It is clear that Apple’s first and second-generation AirPods are outdated in design because they’re big and their tip is made up of plastic. AirPods Pro is better than them because they are having rubber tip and they are small in size. Users want something like this in the upcoming AirPods 3 from Apple if coming. They are more convenient and looks stylish than previous versions of AirPods which are AirPods 1 and 2.

There is nothing confirmed that Apple will even launch AirPods 3 or not but we can expect things, right? AirPods 3 will be priced almost the same as the 2019’s AirPods but with improvements. The new AirPods from Apple can have noise cancellation feature because AirPods Pro has noise cancellation. Don’t expect Apple to launch new AirPods soon because first Apple will launch the iPhone 12. We can expect iPhone 12 to come in a few months and it will come with some great new features for sure. Users are waiting for both the iPhone 12 and the new AirPods from Apple.

Apple will improve the chipset of the upcoming AirPods as the older one is not so good. If we talk about the sound quality then there is no doubt that the sound quality of the upcoming AirPods will be amazing. Apple never compromises with the quality features and sound quality is the most important feature of the AirPods. Due to Covid-19, everything is affected and productions got slow and it will also affect the upcoming AirPods as they can get delayed. All the features that we covered above are rumours and leaks right now.

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