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AI Warns About Your Offensive Caption On Instagram

The activity on social media has increased over a few years as more and more people have connected to the internet. With the increasing number, a lot of changes came along in different platforms along with social media itself. Right now there are a lot of different websites and apps that let you access social media. One of the many social media platforms that are currently active includes Instagram that is widely used by influencers. Instagram is also owned by Facebook and both these websites are doing well with millions of active users. To maintain a healthy platform for all some extra features are always needed and one such feature is now available on Instagram.

Instagram just introduces its new feature that is made for assisting you while putting a caption in posts. To make the platform better the content should be good enough for everyone to see. Captions sometimes get offensive and make the post abusive to some people. Such things get overlooked by us while posting as it might be not so serious for us but people might find it offensive. To help us know when our caption is offensive now Instagram’s AI will work on it.

You will be warned about any offensive caption that you are writing so you can fix it before posting. It is a good feature to make the platform suitable for more people without worrying about what they post. Now you can just put your caption and if warned change it so your post won’t get removed by Instagram. A caption is a text that gives meaning to pictures and by putting an offensive caption your post might get flagged. At worst someone can report it and get it removed before you can do something about it.

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