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AI made by Estonian Startup that can make Commercial Negotiations

There is dealing and trades all over the world with the fast-moving economies and there are wonderful things to look forward. AI has been a very potential sector for anything and now one of the new startups from Estonian company has come up with something. It’s normal in business and trading that negotiations make a difference in profit in the deal. Some data says that it can affect 17%-40% of the deal itself for the company. The numbers are great and can make a huge difference with just the right negotiation. Estonian startup named ‘Pactum’ was working with augmented artificial intelligence to make personalized negotiations possible.

AI made by Estonian startup

The AI makes the deal possible with working on all possible data. The negotiations involve not only one side of the company but even makes changes for making it attractive for both sides. Large increments need better negotiations and this AI works all the details on both parties to make out the better solution. It runs through a lot of possible deals to learn the possible outcomes and makes a healthy negotiation as a result. About the AI it was mentioned that it was a long process and time consuming for AI to run through the data to give results. The efficiency was increased and the complex process that used to go on for days is now possible in close to 15 mins with AI.

The startup Pactum has experts that have work experience with other huge companies like Skype, Starship,  and e-residency, etc. The whole thing was not easy itself and there was huge pre-seed funding of 1.15 million USD. The huge project sure came out with results and again AI has proved how potential it really is.

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