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Acer may Launch World’s first Chrome OS powered Tablet, Image Leaked

Long back in 2016 Google announced its Chrome OS, and since then it has been powering a number of devices, out of which some are convertible Notebooks while some are regular Notebooks. This OS is based on the Chrome browser and is very light which makes it possible to run on a low spec device. Recently an image of a Tablet was leaked, the Tab belonged to Acer and was spotted running on the Chrome OS. So let’s check out more information surrounding it.

Acer Chrome OS Tablet
Image showing the leaked Acer Chrome OS-powered tablet.
Image courtesy: androidheadlines .com

From the beginning, we have a number of Notebooks running the Chrome, but if the leaked image is real, then the combination of Chrome OS with a Tablet is happening for the first time. Google is working hard to make this OS a separate platform, and now almost all major Android applications are available for the devices running Chrome OS. This OS has been designed so that a Laptop with low specification can run it easily and that is why we have seen this OS working on budget devices only.

The image of an unknown Acer Tablet was posted by a person named Alister Payne and after a while of posting the image has been removed as the brand may be having some issues with it. As per the revealed information, this particular tablet will be targeted to the students and will come with the support of some educational materials. If the device is targeted to students then surely it will cost less and will come with a limited amount of power. The image is showing a tablet whose Bezels are super thick, and the screen appears shiny which are the signs of a budget tablet. No further details are there about the device, for more updates stay tuned to us.

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