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A New Solution to the Interoperability issue in Trade

Trade is one of the important things that are running the international market and huge companies. There have been many times when firms tried to deal with trades in better ways. The usual issue or problem that they try to tackle is of interoperability that is still not in the best form. A system like blockchains in the trade has this issue of interoperability within the linked blockchains. A lot of efforts have been put into it to solve the problem and get better outcome out of blockchains for trade and finance.

Interoperability issues in Trade

The tech company named Quant Network has done it this time and made the statement that they can solve the interoperability now. ‘Networks of Networks’ is the thing that is supposed to solve the interoperability in tech like blockchains for trade. It’s called Overledger Network and Quant is linking all the blockchains to each other through their system. This makes it possible for devs to work on the multi chain. The company is working for almost one year now and Overledger is linking the existing blockchains and creating a usable network. By working more on it Quant have come to the stage where they are using Overledger as a connecting backbone to all other blockchains that already exist.

Overledger will help business with safer gateways that they can host for themselves to connect with other parts of their network. This Networks of Networks might actually take care of the interoperability issue in trade. The words were that it is going to be shared with everyone by Quant on the global level. It is not the first attempt to deal with the problem of interoperability in trade and many firms have taken initiatives before Quant Network.

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