A new meme machine is being tested by Facebook to bring back the teenagers

Facebook isn’t backing out in bringing teenagers back to their platform if these new reports are true that the social network is apparently testing a meme-filled feature called LOL with selected users, based around short, shareable video clips.

It has been confirmed by Facebook that they are testing such a meme machine. The purpose of this to fill LOL with funny videos and GIF-style loops so that youngsters might think of spending more time away from Instagram and Snapchat. Content will be taken from the News Feed and the best meme pages on Facebook, apparently.

[Source: Time Magazine]
At the moment it is only available to 100 high school students in the US, and they’re presumably giving feedback to Facebook engineers as to why this is the best or worst idea in the history of social networking. According to Facebook, it is still in the initial stages.

Such initiatives have been introduced before. In 2014 Facebook introduced Slingshot, which was released to give tough time to Snapchat but it failed. Then late in 2018, it introduced Lasso, also based around short and shareable video clips, which is apparently still going.

The problem from the perspective of Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow execs is not just that teens are leaving Facebook but Facebook also owns Instagram, after all, but that they’re sharing content and memes in ways that are difficult to monetize.

For now, it’s not clear if LOL might become part of the Facebook app, arrive as a separate app, or never launch publicly at all. There is no official date for the release date of LOL.

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