A New Malware in Discord stealing data from users

Discord is just so popular and it’s mostly popular among gamers for chatting online. The online chat room app is very much useful and worldwide used app on gaming platforms. Now while the app is quite used and has a lot of users it potentially has a lot of users data too. On discord, there are tons of features that allow users to connect with each other and do other activities. Gamers can create an account and join servers to connect with friends while using bots to handle servers better. But there seems to be a new malware that is causing some serious issues of data-stealing.

The malware in Discord comes with the ‘ Spidey Bot’ that seems to be stealing user’s data. The malware seems to collect data of users that include your personal information. It also is said to be working on windows stealing all kinds of data including case sensitive passwords of yours. This Spidey Bot malware is spreading around to users through Discord in the form of game cheats. Researchers have worked on it and have labeled the malware as “Blueface Reward Claimer.exe” and “Synapse X.exe”. The malware is still a great risk and is hard to find out whether it is on your device or not.

To keep yourself on the safe side you should make sure there are no files left from discord on your device. To do that just uninstall it and reinstall in and use as you normally do because all the apps data is gone. Recently malware on apps is not a big deal as a lot of apps have this kind of malware and that keeps on happening. Users are always responsible for their devices depending on what they are installing as Google did remove quite some apps recently due to this issue.

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