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A New Digital Wellbeing app by Google is available now.

Smartphones have become a major part of life and most of us are already using them for hours during the day. The usage of smartphones keeps on increasing and in the end android decided to put a label to it. Google’s made digital wellbeing app that keeps track of your smartphone usage in time and listed individual apps. The app itself is very handy for people that excessively use smartphones over the day. It keeps track of how long apps are getting used and how many unlocks the phone etc.

Digital Wellbeing

Google has got digital wellbeing as the personal record of your interactions with the device. Now they have worked on it even more and to get some of the experimental apps to work. The new digital wellbeing Apps by Google include Unlock Clock, Post Box, We Flip, Paper Phone, Desert Island, and Morph. These new Digital wellbeing apps are available for download on the Google play store. Each one of these is different from another and has some special features to i. Unlock clock lets you know how many times you unlock your device by reading on your lock screen. It has it’s own live wallpaper and is always working as a digital wellbeing app.

Post box as the name sounds is an app that takes care of all the notifications on your device that you received all day. You can control the notifications on when you get them and which apps you need the notifications from. Next is we flip that is made to make it easier avoiding the tech and interacting more with the real world. Other apps work the same way some restricting the apps you use other restricting the actions on your device. Download each of the new digital wellbeing apps from Google play store for free.

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