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A New Apple TV Might Release Soon

Apple usually does things with a lot of hints and teasing before the realease and we have some hints now. This time a new Apple TV seems to be under work without any words. An unannounced Apple TV that is yet to be seen or heard of is under work. It is tvOS 13.4 Beta that refers to an Apple TV that is not seen so far in the market. This reference in tvOS 13.4 Beta has made a hint on a new model of Apple TV is keeping safe.

The references are to hardware that makes it seem A12 and A13 Bionic Chips are used in this new Apple TV. Next Apple Tv might actually come with A12 and A13 Bionic chips as the 4K Apple TV right now has A10X Fusion. This is a new upgrade for hardware on Apple TV if it were to be real. A10X Fusion used in current Apple TV is already so great that Apple TV is one of the best out there. With new A12 and A13 chips, Apple TV will surely lead the market being the powerful streaming device in the market.

Its been some since Apple launched its 4K TV in 2017 and a new Apple TV model isn’t so surprising. A new streaming box is surely something Apple would want to bring into the market looking at the services it ha come up with. Apple came up with Apple Arcade and Apple TV plus that are the kind of services that would fit with a TV. In case all the assumptions are real Apple can actually bring a good deal for Apple fans that want a great performing streaming box. The services launched by Apple last year are perfectly suited for something like a new Apple TV.

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