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A new 53 qubit Quantum computer announced by IBM

Quantum computing is still one of the most potential techs that have a long way to go before it can be discovered properly. We do understand that it has huge possibilities and in the future, we will see it more and more work for humans. Maybe the future is now as we are getting closer to a bigger part of Quantum computing. IBM has been working with quantum computers for some while now and it has just announced that another step has been taken. After the 13th it’s their 14th of quantum computers while it also is the first of 53 qubits by them.

The last one of the quantum computers that IBM was working with was a 20 qubit that is quite a big step in quantum computing itself. Newest 53 qubit quantum computer of IBM will be provided to be used by the clients of IBM Q network. This will be yet one of the biggest quantum computers to be used for any commercial use while also being the biggest one by IBM. A new computation centre by IBM was also announced that will be in New York which is going to be a data centre for quantum mechanics. This centre will have the new 53 qubit quantum computer along with 5 of the 20 qubits quantum computers. More quantum computers are to be added in a short time in this centre and the data and quantum mechanics will be made available by IBM.

As per IBM the latest of its a machine is better in all possible ways and has new techniques and designs that make it more precise and reliable for tasks. There are a lot of possibilities with the tech development we are looking at right now with more to come in the near future.

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