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5G Flagship by Blackview will have MediaTek Dimensity 5000

Blackview is one of the android smartphone company manufacturing companies that has its phone selling in Asia, Europe and part of America. The company has been around for some years and now with the introduction of 5G in the market has decided to announce its plan. Some of the tech giants have already promoted their devices to bring 5G and Blackview has made some statements on the same. Recently MediaTek brought their Dimensity 1000  SoC that supports dual 5G carrier and is made for flagship smartphones to compete Qualcomm flagship processors. The processor is made to give better performance in gaming and battery and it also supports multiple cameras.

Blackview has some history with MediaTek chipsets and even the recent of its phone like BV9900 has Helio p90 chipset in it. Now that MediaTek has its 5G supporting chipset ready to be used in flagship devices the company is stepping in the 5G market next year. The very first 5G smartphone by Blackview will be using MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset in it coming next year. Next year will bring out a lot of 5G phones from all the different smartphone manufacturers and the market seems to be tensed already with the announcements coming out.

While there are other tech giants that are already in the hands of users trying 5G on their smartphones the price of these phones is quite high. Blackview smartphones are not so expensive and are said to be affordable so the upcoming 5G phones can also be guessed to be affordable. More details are still absent but the 5G phones by Blackview that will come with MediaTek Dimensity 1000 are confirmed. Specs and pricing is better not guessed as the company can come up with any marketing strategy to compete with the bigger companies in the market.


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