100W Fast Charging Coming in Upcoming Smartphones

Fast charging is a blessing and you would know it if you use your smartphone extensively. An average phone user is now able to charge their phone up with all the battery they need in a matter of minutes which used to take hours beforehand it is all thanks to the fast charging capabilities of the new age smartphones which has made life a lot easier for people who do not have time to charge but need to use up dead phone batteries as soon as possible.

Fast charging is not only limited to wired charging, you can also take advantage of fast charging using a wireless charger which are now being supplied with many new smartphones and it takes fast charging to a whole another level where you also have the convenience of a wireless charger and combine it with the efficiency of fast charging.

New technique has pointed to phone companies coming out with 100 watt fast charging which will take the game to a whole another level and you will get unfathomable charging speed without even having to connect your smartphone with the power brick through a wire. The wire charging has topped out at 120 words which we show in the recent months but now leaks are pointing towards a new technology which will allow phone companies to build their smartphones to take advantage of the hundred watt wireless charging which can be unfathomable for some. Fast charging has a negative effect on the health of your battery and the battery starts to degrade after about 800 charging cycles which has been a major concern for smartphone makers but now new features are are coming which allow you to stop your phone from charging above 80% which dramatically increases the life of your battery.

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